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Dodge Solid Flywheel by LuK

Dodge Solid Flywheel , Dodge Cummins Solid Flywheel

Dodge Cummins NEW PRODUCT - LuK Solid Flywheel and clutch Kit replaces LuK original Dual Mass Flywheel and clutch on Dodge Cummins 5.9L/6.7L Jan 25 2005-2011. Kit includes Solid Flywheel, flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, Luk Clutch Kit and a prebled hydraulic slave and master assembly (sealed unit). LuK supplies the original dual mass flywheel to Dodge. Click here

Dodge Cummins NEW PRODUCT - LuK Heavy Duty Dual Friction Kit. Same as above product except kit includes a dual friction (1/2 cerametallic, 1/2 organic) and a heavy duty pressure plate. Rated at 1000 to 1300 ft lbs of torque. Click Here

Valeo Signature Series Solid Flywheel to Replace the Dual Mass Flywheel on Dodge Cummins 5.9L 2005-2008. Kit includes Solid Flywheel, bolts and a complete clutch kit. click here

Dodge Solid Flywheel and Clutch Kit -LuK

Dodge Solid Flywheel and Clutch Valeo

Dodge Cummins Solid Flywheel and Clutch

LuK Dual Friction Kit w/Solid Flywheel - Heavy Duty

Dodge Cummins Pro Gold

LuK Pro Gold Performance HD Clutch kit for Dodge Cummins 5.9L 1988-2003 5 Speed. click here

Dodge Ram Clutch

New LuK Clutch Kit for Dodge Cummins. This is the original stock replacement. This is the same clutch you would get at any Dodge Dealer.

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click here 5 Speed 1998-2003

click here 6 Speed 2001-2004

Dial-A-Clutch.com is here to provide you with the highest quality clutches and accessories available at the lowest possible price. New DODGE CUMMINS Clutch Kits.1-877-A-Clutch




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If you're looking to purchase LuK original DODGE CUMMINS clutches and accessories at true wholesale prices, you've come to the right place. Automotive repair facilities pay around the same price that we charge consumers and then they double or triple it.

Dial-A-Clutch.com markets original DODGE CUMMINS clutch kits. DODGE is one of LuK's biggest customers. Shouldn't you use the same clutch as DODGE!
 FYI - DODGE dealers sell LuK clutches in a DODGE box. Our DODGE CUMMINS clutches are the same clutches that DODGE sells, but our DODGE CUMMINS clutches are in a LuK box.. Be sure to check out LuK Pro Gold Clutches for Dodge Trucks. LuK Pro Gold Clutches appear on the same search results page as our
original quality clutches and accessories. LuK Pro Gold Clutches have increased torque capacity and clamp load
beyond a stock clutch. These are new clutches built from the ground up as a performance grade clutch.
Dial-A-Clutch.com has new LuK cerametallic Dodge Cummins clutch kits for the 5 and 6 speed 5.9L
Diesel .
Other more expensive rebuilt / modified clutches being offered today by other companies are no longer needed. The
LuK Cerametallic Cummins Clutch is new and will alway's outlast modified stock clutches.
The 5 speed cerametallic clutch is a 13" upgrade (original is 12") that is sold with a new 13" flywheel.
LuK is the only clutch company in the world manufacturing these clutches. All other cerametallic clutches being
sold today for these applications are rebuilt / modified clutches. Most rebuilt / modified cerametallic clutches
sold as a 13" upgrade come with a 12" flywheel drilled for a 13" bolt pattern.
LuK makes the 12" 5 speed and the 13" 6 speed cummins clutch for Dodge !For vehicles with excessive torque capacity. Average is 1000 ft lbs of torque. Not good for hauling.

New LuK 13" Cerametallic Clutch Kit and Flywheel

DODGE CUMMINS clutch, DODGE CUMMINS clutch parts, DODGE CUMMINS clutches,DODGE CUMMINS clutch kits


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Dial-A-Clutch.com is your best source to purchase original Dodge Clutches made by LuK Automotive .

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