If you have a Corvette from 1989 to 1996 and can't find a Dual Mass Flywheel or Clutch,

don't worry. We have Corvette solid flywheels & Corvette clutches to replace the original Corvette

dual mass flywheel and Corvette clutch that is no longer available.

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LuK & Valeo Original CHEVROLET CORVETTE Clutches

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If you're looking to purchaseoriginal CHEVROLET CORVETTE clutches and accessories at true wholesale prices, you've come to the right place.

Dial-A-Clutch.com markets original CHEVROLET CORVETTE clutches. CHEVROLET is one of LuK's & Valeo's biggest customers. Shouldn't you use the same clutch as CHEVROLET!
 FYI - CHEVROLET dealers sell cluthes made by LuK & Valeo

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We offer a solid flwheel and clutch to replace the discontinued original clutch and dual mass flywheel in 1994-95 LT1 Engine. GREAT DRIVABILITY!

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Be sure to check out LuK Pro Gold Clutches for Corvettes. LuK Pro Gold Clutches
LuK Pro Gold Corvette Clutch kits have increased torque capacity and clamp load beyond a stock clutch and
include an aluminum light weight flywheel. An aluminum flywheel increases horsepower directly to the wheels and
your Corvette will have more power.
These are new Corvette clutch kits built from the ground up as a performance grade clutch. LuK Pro Gold Corvette clutch kits are unlike most of the performance grade clutches on the market today. Most companies sell modified stock cluctches clutches for a lot more than your cost for a LuK Pro Gold Corvette clutch kit.
LuK Pro Gold Corvette Clutch kits have the increased torque capacity and clamp load beyond a stock Corvette clutch, without sacrificing smoothe engagement and drivability.
Most stock modified Corvette clutch kits for performance do not offer smoothe engagement. Clutch chatter and drivability have always been given up for performance, until LuK Pro Gold.

Buy Corvette Clutches.

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